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Q. How is Kathak dance different than Bollywood dance?

A. Kathak dance is a classical dance form from northern part of India. Bollywood dance comes from the film industry of India.

Q. Can I be an Indian Dance teacher in the future?

A. YES, if you learn Kathak dance and complete the full course and finish all of your examinations with ISTD; you can own your dance studio and become a Kathak dance teacher.

Q. Can I be a Bollywood dance teacher?

A. YES, however Bollywood is not a certified dance form. It is a good idea to learn the Indian dance fundamentals first so that you can choreograph your own Bollywood dance and not copy from other choreographers.

Q. Can I learn dance for the fitness only?

A. YES, many studies have shown that dance and moving your body to music boosts your physical and mental well-being, and with dance being a social activity it provides an essential connection to other people, something which can be hard to achieve in today’s busy world.


Regular dancing is great for maintaining strong bones, improving posture and muscle strength, and can improve the heart-health of older people. It improves your balance and strength.

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